You probably know the feeling when the date comes closer (if you’re blessed to have a regular cycle) and you with a bit of horror go to the bathroom thinking two thoughts - 1. Will my favorite pair of undies be ruined and 2. Do I have something with me? (Nevertheless understanding that both of these questions didn’t answer in your favor and there is no toilet paper to even help you out a bit.) Don’t worry - with THATDAY these situations will only be in your ‘’throwbackthursday’’ list!

Yes, you can!

Now you can leave your house without sanitary products tucked into every small pocket - just to be sure "no more ruined panties" and no more feeling of staying on that chair, on that public transport which can go around another roundabout and mowing only with your back against the wall when you gathered all your strength to actually get up from the chair. With our period panties you will have no surprises, no spotting and no worries when THATDAY comes!


This is us! 

As you might have thought, there (of course) are two powerful ladies behind this wonderful idea! Kintija - who overcame so many hardships so THATDAY is no longer just an idea! She watered her thoughts with a vision and purpose more meaningful than words, empowered strength and possibility not only for her, but for YOU to live a life more than meaningful! And with the help of Līga this idea blossomed in the best visual cover, now the rest is you, THATDAY is here for you to blossom!

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