If you are reading this – you are probably looking for a way to make your period a bit more comfortable, maybe you are here because you remembered your first period and the akwardness of it and you would like to ease this part for your daughter – just before she starts her period. Also, mother, this might be THE new lifestyle for you, by the fact – this is exactly to all the women out there and let us tell you why!

3 special layers

hold any liquids


from the eye – they seem like a regular panties, but it doesn’t stop here! In terms of funcionality they consist of three special layers that will abosrb enough and leave you worryless about the leaks!

we keep testing the absorption for you to be as possible more comfortable and we consider that the maximum could consist of 3 to 4 tampons (wow!)! Yes, THATDAY already sounds amazing an d we know that they are presented mostly as the period  panties, but their main function is to hold any liquids in any “too funny” or akward moments

the best BEST part of our THATDAY period proof panties is that this will definitely make your days easierWaer them until it feels comfortable, when it has reached its peak, just take them off and put the spare panties on, but the used ones in a zipper pouch and continue on rocking the world! They will make you feel like your period is just another normal day, and this is why we had this thought in the first place, make your days better, easier and finally – worryless! 


for every women

Locally produced, carrying beautiful and functional design, they are a perfect choice for whichever stage we live through: young flourishing teenager, confident woman in her mid-thirties, young mother, or charming, elegant lady in my best years. With ThatDay panties, I can vastly reduce my ecological footprint, save my wallet, diminish complications and allergies that usual synthetic goods cause me, and have that extra safety and confidence on my most delicate days of the month.

for teenagaers

We have small-sizes special made for the ladies who are just one step away from beautiful womanhood, THATDAY especially made for teenagers! We think you remember the akwardness the first time you felt a bit dizzy, with cramps in your stomach but with no idea why.. then approached the bathroom and there it was, the most akwards thing in the world and meybe no idea what to do next. The bravest went to the school nurse to get some pads, the others who started their first period in the dance recital (lucky me) just ran on the stage with a zero feeling on what will happen when that curtain closes and the show is over, but my personal show just started (as always) not in the best timing! Lets help out a bit to our little selves nad give them a set of THATDAY panties for teenagers, so there are no more akward moments in a gym class – ever!

for mothers

If you know a mother who is in her last trimester, please, send her this link as we also thought about the women who blossoms twice as bright when carrying the little ones under her heart. As the most important job is not just to bring a new soul to the world, it is important to feel protected in any way you can! For the protection when your bladder feels really under pressure, THATDAY will help with your incontinence (in the case cystitis as well)! And to think double way – when you will deliver your little one, the first days will feel so full of stress that the last thing you will want is to have some non breathable pads down there (we’ve gathered the experience stories)! Just have this at least as your backup and believe us, when you will try THATDAY you will forget about all the days before when you used the sanitary products!