Period-proof panties or menstrual panties are your usual pair of underwear that, thanks to an absorbent lining, are like 2 in one – lingerie and hygienic protection at the same time!

Period-proof panties or menstrual panties are your usual pair of underwear that, thanks to an absorbent lining, are like 2 in one – lingerie and hygienic protection at the same time!Yes! THATDAY has a special multi-layer system that soaks up menstrual blood in a hygienic way and traps it there so it can’t come back out unless you wash it. It works similar to how a single-use pad would, but with less bulkiness and more areas for absorbency. You can use them for heavy periods or to protect yourself from spotting.

When you feel it’s time to “freshen up” you can rinse your panties with cold water after wearing it. Do NOT use soap to wash them! Feel free to folow the instructions on the care label and don’t be afraid to wash them by machine at 40° together with other clothes (yes! you can wash them together and there is no need to wash panties seperately). You can freely use your daily detergents while washing THATDAY panties in the washing machine (liquid soap is a totaly okey!)

We have especially made absorbent lining of 3 layers, that will keep the smells inside, but honestly we’re not a pair of magic panties. The same way when you’re using pads without any smells, when you feel that you would like to change the panties, just do so and start fresh wherever – whenever! Have an extra pair with you and keep the used panties in our zip pouch so all the odours stay inside!

Yes, we recommend putting them through the wash before the first time you wear them to help to activate the technology in the gusset.

Our lingerie is made to be worn up to time until it feels comfortable to you. There is no risk of leaks thanks to our absorbent lining of 3 layers doubled with a waterproof fabric that retains liquids. If, however, your flow is heavy and you think you might have leaks, you can also use classic sanitary protections in addition, but it’s not mandatory. The ideal is to see for yourself and test our menstrual lingerie in the comfort of your own home, pj’s (and the cake, of course) of one day of your heavy flow.

We strongly advise not to use cleaning gear with soap in their ingredients. Soap will clug fabric holes with natural fats and your panties will not be that protective anymore and protective layers will not be able to hold liquids that well. Liquid soap will be the perfect choice!
 Do not use laundry softener!

Mostly like a regular pair of panties, it’s thicker than your average pair of underwear, but is not obvious under tight pants.They feel a little bit like bathing suit bottoms, but the inside is soft like normal underwear. After wearing THATDAY panties for the first time after around 5 hours, mostly there are no leaks, but they will not be dry anymore, they will not soak, but at a heavier flow you may feel moisture being held against your body.

You can use bleach without chlorine in it. For a natural bleaching use citric acid (use 50 – 100 grams of powder in 7l of water) and leave them overnight.

A great way to give period underwear a try is to wear it overnight towards the end of your period when your flow is lighter. This way you can start experimenting and feeling the benefits even at the end of your cycle! Then additionally, trying it out as a backup on a heavier day is great too!

Never ever put them in the dryer! This will ruin their absorbing fabric and will no longer work. If you wash them with your hands, just leave them to air dry overnight (that’s why it’s better to have more than one pair!)

Unlike tampons there is no risk of TSS from period panties since they are worn externally.

You can find period swimwear specifically designed for this. In general, though, you’re best using a cup or tampon and saving your period panties for dry land.

If you’re first trying them out, you’ll probably want several pairs to replace your traditional period products on your lighter days. If you decide to commit, you’ll likely want a full five- to seven-day set depending on the length of your flow, so you’re not laundering every other day. You can also consider a sleep-specific pair or two.

Yes, as long as they are cared for properly. Wash them regularly and as soon as you can after wearing them to avoid stains! We suggest you buy several pairs for an easier change in between!

The answer is – YES, of course you can!  But for your security and calmness we recommend experimenting them at home at your first period day and night to find out how it works for you. How often you should replace them, and how comfortable you are with THATDAY reusable panties.

All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified (designed for direct skin contact) they are skin friendly and will suit any type of skin and condition with it’s special mission to take care of you.

To remove the unpleasant aroma, dilute white vinegar 1:3 in a thin layer of water and rinse the panties, slightly rubbing the middle part of the panties. You can leave the underwear in the solution for a short time, but no longer than 20 minutes. After that, wash the panties in the washing machine, and add a little vinegar in a ratio of 1:5. For best results, dry them in the sun and wind. Before you put the panties back in the closet, make sure the panties are really dry.